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We are one of the biggest purpose-built strength & conditioning martial arts centres in the South West. Having a full weights and fitness suite to complement training is the way to our athletes’ and members’ success.

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We foster a community spirit at MYGYM and care about your development. Unlike most commercial gyms, our members are approachable and genuinely passionate about sharing what they do.


We are a straight up pay-monthly gym. There’s no minimum contract or hidden costs, and with our lowest membership at just £19.99 per month, we hope to open the facility up to everyone.

Heavily Awarded

We do great work

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We pride ourselves on our client’s amazing transformations and results!


“Great gym and facilities. There is a friendly atmosphere with a range of people, from children learning martial arts on the matts to big bulky power lifters. I did the 6 weeks challenge and managed to exceed my results (lost 7.9% fat and 16.5 lbs).

The training sessions were well organised and of good quality, there was a facebook group created where everyone took part in helping each other keep motivated and ask questions on. I was struggling on the diet side of things but managed to get some extra help so I could change it to suit me. Thank you to the MyGym trainers for working relentlessly to make this happen, I really enjoyed the process and very happy with how my body is looking.”


I made it to the end. It has been a long 6 weeks with travel, colds and being snowed in but with the right mindset, the right tools and some good old fashioned walking you can do it. Thanks for all the support at MYGYM,  Ibb and Joe. It has been a pleasure and hope to see you all again.


So happy with my final results of this 6 week challenge!! I feel stronger, more confident, more capable of making better food choices, more aware of the food choices I make and more educated on how food fuels our bodies.

I faced a fear of the gym and pushed through mental barriers that had made me self conscious and unkind to myself. All challengers have been so supportive and zero judgement was felt ~ so thanks you all rock. All trainers were also very supportive and rocked it ~ cheers guys! I’m off to Vietnam for a couple of weeks but I think you will be seeing me in the gym again in the future! To all challengers with time left ~ believe in your strength and ability, you can do anything you put your mind to. Big up my gym!!!


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