Olympic weightlifting. Just the name of it sounds quite daunting and scary, doesn’t it? The Olympic bit doesn’t help! But, it’s actually not as scary or dangerous as it sounds.

In fact, there are many Olympic Weightlifting myths that have people avoiding the exercise at all costs. But, today – right here, right now – the MYGYM team are going to debunk 4 of the most common misconceptions when it comes to Olympic Weightlifting.

Ready? Let’s go…


It’s a man’s sport!

We will start with the most common myth, which we hear on a daily basis. Ok, yes we understand that Olympic Weightlifting has been mostly dominated by men, since it began, but women are certainly making themselves heard in the modern day!

Since the early 80s, females have been lifting weights at both national and international level. Fast forward to today and you have the likes of Jessica Lucero, who has become an inspiration worldwide!

It’s safe to say that Olympic weightlifting is a female sport too. Don’t believe us? Come down to our gym and you will see women of all shapes and sizes throwing that bar high. Girl Power!


Lifting is Going to Make You Huge

Lifting any sort of weight can help build muscle, but there seems to be a myth surrounding olympic weightlifting – that it will make you huge!

At MYGYM Bristol, we practice weightlifting everyday – and it’s safe to say that none of the team are the size of The Mountain (one for you GOT fans!)

This myth seems to concern women mainly. Don’t worry ladies, your testosterone levels won’t allow you to become huge naturally. Olympic weightlifting will help you build muscle and burn fat, yes. But, you will be at the right size for your frame.

Don’t be afraid of how your body is going to change. You’re going to be in better shape than you ever imagined.


Weightlifting is boring

When it comes to Olympic lifting, the main actions consist of the snatch and clean & jerk. Doesn’t seem like much, so we can understand why this myth exists. But, take it from us experts, there is more to weightlifting than you think.

Aside from the countless variations of both lifts, there’s an endless amount of accessory work involved, squats, bodybuilding, balance, stretching and not to mention the hunger to beat your own personal best every week! Olympic Weightlifting is exciting and challenging – join the hype!


It will stunt your growth – shorty!

We overheard this myth a few months back and it nearly made us spit out our coffee! But then we realised, people actually believe this myth!

We won’t go into too much detail, but, the Olympic Weightlifters you see on the TV are short in height because they were to begin with. That’s all there is to it. We can happily say that, there has been no evidence or proof that lifting heavy weights will stunt your growth.

Want us to debunk some more myths about Olympic Weightlifting? Come into the gym and we will tell you some more…

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