6 Week challenge before and after success story feat. Flossy!

When it comes to fitness, there’s nothing more gratifying than putting in the hard work to see some serious gains! We interviewed Flossy, one of our recent 6 week challenger graduates, to find out how she feels post-challenge.

Flossy’s before and after pictures above show some incredible differences in muscle tone, fat loss and posture. However, this is only one small part of what the programme’s all about.The most important thing we want for our challengers is to come away feeling good about themselves on the inside.

If you’re thinking of signing up to our next challenge but have some questions about how it all works, look no further than the below to help fill you in:

Q: Hi Flossy! How did you find the challenge?

A: I would say the easy bit for me was the exercise! It’s tough, but really just the three times a week. The rest of the work comes the other 23 hours of the day each day, making the right choices and dodging all those favourite foods.

I really enjoyed it though! I came at it from a place where I wanted to improve my mental state and feel good about myself and I can confirm that I got the desired outcome.

Q: What did you like about the group sessions?

The gym environment is just about the only place I can tolerate being told what to do – haha! I’ve had many failed attempts during my fitness journey to join the gym, get on the treadmill, “do I do legs today – what else should I do?” sort of stuff.

I love the classes as not only are the coaches ensuring your posture and technique is sound, there’s also a group of others trying hard generally with a great energy that we all feed off. Sometimes, the highlight of a session can be how you helped or encouraged one another to defeat a session together.

Q: What do sessions involve, and how frequent are they?

A: The challenge requires you to attend 3 classes each week, no more, no less. You are encouraged to remain active throughout the day, but additional exercise really isn’t necessary. It all requires body weight exercises, utilising HIIT circuits to achieve maximum benefits, but don’t let that put you off – everyone has different goals and everyone is in a different stage of their journey, people can totally go at their own pace and there is no judgement.

Q: What’s your favourite meal prep recipe?

A:  UUUURRM!!! I really can’t answer what my favourite food would be, food makes my world go around. That being said, in spite of the strict meal plan in place, I’ve eaten so well the last 6 weeks. The cookbooks provided are offer huge variety, including options for vegans and vegetarians.

There’s a peanut butter chicken dish, which feels particularly naughty and super tasty. Pancake day came around during the last week of the challenge and that did not stop us, there’s a protein pancake recipe that I covered in a thick protein shake acting as a sauce.

A few of Flossy’s 6 week challenge recipe dishes below. NOM!


Q: Did you get any naughty cravings?

A: The First few weeks are tough. I think plain old food cravings was a biggie. I felt very hungry and ate my weight in broccoli, or drank a ton of water. Being out and about with friends or feeling knackered at home and wanting a takeaway are the times you need inordinate willpower! I eat for comfort, or for studying treats so yes, a lot of the time!

Q: When you get these, what healthy alternatives can you snack on instead?

A:  I soon began adapting by making puddings out of my protein shakes – just use a little less water and it’s like angel delight, use even less water still and it’s like a mousse! I made a tiramisu pudding using the powder and mixing it with fat free yog + fat free soft cheese, a few toasted almonds sprinkled on top and bam – a guilt free pudding!

Similarly, make the mousse like consistency and freezing it for a little while – got yourself some ice-cream! PHD nutrition do an excellent diet protein, loads of different flavours and it’s catered into the meal plan 3 times a day. That’s three puddings each day if you’re sneaky like me!

Q: We get that this will be a big test of will power. What keeps you going/ what is your motivation?

A: I could be having a really crappy day – but once I’ve smashed that gym session the good feelings override. This is scientific stuff too, the end of 2017 was pretty bleak and I have been highly motivated through the want to feel myself again. Also, whilst I muddle through the final year of my degree, I’m well aware of the benefits healthy eating and exercise has on one’s body, and am using it as a tool to power me through to graduation (one could argue it’s procrastination, but whatever – it still feels great).

Q: Favourite song to workout to?

A: Safe to say I likely annoyed fellow challengers with my ‘garage’ requests! Got to love it. Although, I’ll listen to anything, as long as it’s LOUD!


We will soon be launching a 4 week challenge, so please get in touch to find out more! The aim will be losing 14lbs and 14% body fat (depending on your current weight, of course)!


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