A Healthy, Lean Body

Challenge Programme

Can a person’s body totally change in just 4 or 6 weeks?

“Diets don’t work,” they say.

“But lifestyle changes do.”

You’ve heard it time and time again. But making a permanent lifestyle change has always been confusing, draining, and full of bland food.

Until now.

Our Challenge Programme gives you the much needed seismic shift in the way you think about weight loss, health, and exercise, providing you with a universally effective solution that is easy to master.

Prepare to transform your body, ignite your metabolism, and become the version of yourself you were born to be.

All in just 4 (April to Sept) or 6 (Sept to March) short weeks.

“Seriously smart and genuinely empowering”

Our Challenge Programmes helps you come to terms with the 3 pillars of health and fitness:

Fitness (as in exercise),

Nutrition (what to eat and when to eat it),

Accountability – the often forgotten component, motivation and support of a team and coach (because it’s all a waste if we can’t or won’t stick to the plan).

There are lots of books and programmes out there that really nail one of these points. In fact, you probably own a cookbook, have sweat to a workout DVD, and have read up on “how to stay motivated” at least once.

But it didn’t work because most people view each thing independently, when in reality they are deeply intertwined.

About The MYGYM Challenge Programme

The Challenge Programme combines the best of all 3 worlds. You’ll learn:

– The best, most effective workouts for your body – taught by a registered trainer in a real live gym where you learn by doing.

– How to identify your weaknesses and overcome them.

– How to evolve your mind and love your workouts, even if you’re a registered couch potato.

– How to eat deliciously AND smartly – and love it.

– How to stay true to your goals even when life gets in the way.

– How to adopt the skills and mindset you need, and how to make them stick for a lifetime.


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