Artemis BJJ grading seminar achieves twelve new blue belts and one purple belt!

It was an exciting weekend for our resident BJJ club as new belts were classified by Kev Capel. Artemis founder, Can Somnez, found it particularly emotional as he watched the hours of training that his students had put in over the years culminate in outstanding achievement!

Founded back in 2014, Can had the main goal of creating a successful women’s class. Now over three years on, Artemis BJJ has produced three female blue belts who had never trained BJJ before they joined the class, so a huge congrats to Milka, Kirsty and Ruth! On top of this, Artemis BJJ stalwart Chris also got his purple belt and was joined by a cohort of 9 new blue belts.

This was a huge achievement for everyone in the club so a massive well done – all those arm bars paid off!

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