Challenge Programme

Give us 6 Weeks …

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

We welcome anybody who’s willing to make a positive change to their life, and we mean it! You show up and have determination, we promise to help with the rest. Our programme isn’t just about weight loss, it’s about helping you to understand and care for your body more – from what it needs to fuel itself to meet your personal goals, to challenging your current perceptions about how you look, we know how to support you!

“Your life is an occasion, rise to it.” – Mr Magorium

This programme is for the underdog who doesn’t yet know their own strength and self-worth. We’ve all seen the movies – everyone’s rooting for you and all it takes is a little self-belief to begin to lead the life you want. Deep down in there lies an amazing amount of determination and courage. We’re going to tap into this to awaken your potential!

How can we help you to reach your goals?

We want to support you in our friendly and welcoming group training atmosphere. This isn’t some kind of ‘fat fighters’ shaming exercise! None of that in here, thank you very much!

The MYGYM ethos isn’t about having the ‘ideal’ body, it’s about having the body that works for you. Anxiety, depression or disabilities – we don’t judge one iota and recognize that we are all different. Maybe you’re doing just fine and want to up the ante a little. There are so many reasons to want to get fit and fortunately, there are so many ways that we can help.

Everybody is different and amazing – that’s a fact. We will provide you with tried and tested strategies, systems, steps and support to create incredible strength, fitness and health – both mental and physical. Because yep – they go hand it hand.

We aren’t a corporate machine. We don’t buy into the manipulation and shaming tactics that currently prevail in the fitness industry. We just want you to feel free from the negative self-image and unleash your incredible potential so that you can live with a greater energy and drive!

If you treat your body right, your mind will follow

We are exploding with ambition! Our belief in the ability to transform and change people’s lives for the better through exercise, diet and providing a deeper understanding of how these all interconnect. If you get your body right, your mind will follow and vice versa.

We’ll know we’re successful when…we have Bristolians, all of the earth and the rest of the galaxy far, far away tell us: ‘you helped to change my life for the better’.

All we’re asking for is 6 weeks.

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Everything you ever wanted to know about the MYGYM 6 week challenge.

Our first 6-week challenge was such a huge success that we’ve ended up making it a fixture at MYGYM and we are even starting a 4 week one! We’ve had so much positive feedback from challengers that it’s meant we are growing our cohort of MYGYM members all the time!

We spoke to MYGYM owner Ibb to find out more about why he decided to start the challenge and what makes him so passionate about working in the health and fitness industry.

I wanted to get as many people as possible feeling good about themselves. By showing our challengers how simple it is to stay healthy and fit by making changes to their attitudes towards food and exercise. I’ve always been passionate about sports and martial arts, in particular. As a Taekwondo player, I’ve battled myself with trying out different nutritional fads to find one that works and is simple and easy to follow.

Seeing people UPGRADE their attitude, taking control of their health, and seeing bigger and bigger smiles! My favorite comment during the sessions being: “I hate you, Ibb!” That’s how I know I’m doing my job right – haha!

All training is done in-house. Due to the success of the programme, I’ve hired two new coaches, Joe and Oscar, who hold Sports Science degrees. Together, we run the classes. Challengers train a mandatory 3 x per week for up to an hour a time. You can expect a mixture of HIIT, Metcon/Tabata, and partner workouts.

We also do AMRAP/EMOMs (for those who don’t do gym-speak, this may be translated to ‘as many reps as possible’ and ‘every minute on the minute’ style workouts. These serve to test your current capabilities and strength!)

I love all food equally, there is no favourite for me! I go with the feel, but you really can’t beat good old scrambled eggs on toast with spinach and avocado on the side. A big hit with the challengers has been the protein pancake recipe (found in the cookbook provided by us).

One of our challenger’s delicious pancakes as made by them:

Weight loss of up to 20lbs if you are over 28 BMI, and up to 6% if you’re below this. If you’d like to calculate your current BMI, you can use the NHS calculator here.

We do weekly weigh-ins and accountability checks with all participants to ensure you’re sticking to meal plans and continue to feel motivated.

When following the plan, remember this: “most of the plan doesn’t get most of the results, it gets none” – (Ibb).

The next challenge will run mid-March and enrolment will start in the next week.

They will be in a place they have wanted to be in for a long time, a place where they have taken control of how they eat, train and feel healthy. These people won’t be floating through life not really knowing how to master these fundamental lifestyle habits which aren’t always easy to master without a little help.

The challenge gives each individual the tools to take control of their health and realize that it’s the most important thing to look after yourself. “Health is Wealth” – without this, we can’t reach our full potential in life.