Lift like a diva – women’s weightlifting @ MyGym Tuesdays 6-7 pm

Ladies of Bristol: have you ever wondered what all those people are up to in the weights area of the gym? Perhaps you’ve been interested in giving it a blast, but haven’t know who to ask or where to start, or maybe you’re already into weight lifting and are looking for a friendly place to train…

If any or none of the above applies to you, I encourage you to come along to Deadlift Divas at MyGym 6-7 pm on Tuesdays.

Ran by the wonderful Christie Civetta, 2016 English and Western European champion Powerlifterand all round inspirational woman, you’re bound to pick up a thing or two. Christie is passionate about sharing her love of lifting and uses her exceptional coaching skills to ensure that you’re getting the right tuition and guidance based on your ability.

The best thing is, if you have a Bristol Barbell Club or MoveGB (use code “119” for a £40 credit) membership its included for free, or you can pay as you go for £5. You are getting personal training and tips from one of the World’s finest.

If you’re looking for a strong, fun and supportive group of women to train with, learn new lifting techniques from and generally kick ass with, you’ve found your place.

I can guarantee that it’ll make you stronger, make you laugh and enable you to reach for your goals whilst uncovering new ones along the way!

Lift like a diva2What a typical session may look like (group photo non-compulsory)

Deadlift Divas is not just for one type of person, it’s an accepting, friendly community and all abilities and ages are welcome.

Here’s what some of the ladies had to say about it:

“I can trace the moment I regained my self-esteem to the day I came to Deadlift Divas. To finally have a support network of strong women around me has been genuinely life-changing. Competing in powerlifting was a faraway pipe dream before; now I’m already on my way to do my second! Even just one night a week of training with these awesome ladies is enough to boost my self-esteem and motivation for an entire week.” – Emma Shepherd, Animator

“Divas and powerlifting in general has made me feel the most confident I’ve felt in myself in years. Such a supportive community we are building and even if I haven’t made it to sessions this year, I know I can still go to you for advice and just a general chat!” – Grace Paxton, Veterinary student

A recap of the facts:

Deadlift Divas takes place on Tuesdays @ MyGym between 6 and 7 pm.

For more info, please visit the Deadlift Divas Facebook page here.

Divas is for everybody – from someone who has never picked up a weight right through to those who compete. You needn’t be a pro. Yet.

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