MYGYM 6 Week Challenge begins this Saturday 21st Oct

The MYGYM 6 week challenge kicks off this Saturday with the first weigh-in! The goal: to lose 20 pounds, or 6% body fat in, you guessed it, 6 weeks! (There’s also a bulk plan with the aim gaining 10lbs in the same time frame #gainz).

We’ve  received a soaring number of interested applications, and now 40 challengers  have been selected to be a part of  the brand new initiative. Monday 23rd October will be the first training session, so a warm welcome to all of you!

The rules:

  • Challengers must be serious about making a lifestyle change. It’s not just about the 6 weeks, but what happens after. Our coaches and nutrition advisers will work with the individual to ensure that the person knows what is expected, and how this can be implemented in the long term once training has ended. Our challengers will be given the tools necessary to learn to love training and eating well, and we hope that they will continue to come to MYGYM and be a part of the friendly training culture afterwards!
  • In order to take part, our challengers have to workout 3 days per week in MYGYM and all workouts must be logged. There will also be comprehensive monitoring of everything from the groceries that the challengers are buying, to meal plans and weekly weigh ins. This is all part of the accountability process: to ensure that our people are well looked after and are set for success!

Watch this space for more information on how our challengers are getting on! If you’re interested in finding out more, check out the finer details here!








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