MYGYM Novice Powerlifting-Style Competition this Saturday 11 August

There are still spaces available if you haven’t already signed up to the MYGYM Powerlifting-style competition this coming Saturday!

The comp is open to all abilities – you needn’t be a pro or a lifting bro to come and have a go! We aren’t federated, so this is an exciting chance to test out whether a competition environment is your thing without feeling under any pressure whatsoever, or maybe you are just keen to see what your maxes are!

Men and women can apply, with the first flight of women starting at 10 am.

We’ll be using the Wilks equation to work out scores, and don’t forget, there’s prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place! Wilks is a formula to calculate everyone’s equivalent strength, so if you’re a pint-sized lady who’s crazy strong for your weight and gender, you might come 1st, ahead of a heavier lady.  Also – we’ll be giving out a medal for best deadlift socks – so show up, do your best, and see what you can achieve!

15 men and 15 women can enter. If we exceed that amount, we’ll devise a waiting list.

You’ll get three attempts at squat, then bench, then deadlift. Your best successful lifts will be combined for your total. There’ll be spotters and loaders on hand, and referees to judge whether you made the lift or not. Although the comp is unfederated, we will stick to IPF rules as closely as possible.

What you need to know:

  • The time: Saturday 11 August 10 AM – 3 PM
  • The place: MYGYM, Unit B Dean St, BS2 8SF
  • Entry Cost: £20
  • How to pay: click ‘courses’ at the top of the following link and you’ll find us:
  • There will be a weigh-in, but we won’t be doing weight classes
  • This will be un-federated (you don’t need British Powerlifting membership or approved kit) and perfect for those wishing to try competing for the first time.
  • Spectators: Come on down and don’t forget to arrive early to get a good seat and make some noise for our lifters!!!
  • Bring food for fuel and please – don’t forget to bring your snazziest deadlift socks for the best prize!
  • Further questions? See the Facebook page here.

See you there!


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