MYGYM Taekwondo team win gold, silver and bronze in Beligum open tournament

Five of our Sky Taekwondo members competed last weekend in the 22nd Ilyo Kyorugi open tournament in Aarschot, Belgium with astounding success! Ibb is always keen to take his students abroad to compete because it gives them the push needed to progress more quickly and learn more.

One the youngest and most formidable members, Tiana, got gold with the last of her three fights being the best of the entire tournament where she won with a close 28-26 points to her opponent.

It was also MYGYM owner Ibb’s first ever masters tournament. Ibb normally competes in the -80kg category, but his opponent didn’t turn up. As a result, he went in with an opponent weighing 136kg to his 74kg! For those not in the know, Taekwondo competitions use electronic body protectors and kicking sensors worn like socks. Each weight category then has different pressure levels. This means in the super heavy weight division, for example, that the minimum pressure level is much higher to suit the larger players, making  it very difficult for Ibb to make the pressure required on such a sizeable opponent!

Ibb described the experience as: “A fun, injury-free fight but the video makes it look like a kid fighting with their Dad!” (Note the picture below for size difference!)









Pav also won silver during a tough fight! At 6’4”, he weighed in the 80kg plus category and it was the first time that he’d fought against a black belt. Pav’s a blue belt and experienced the same issue to Ibb, there weren’t enough opponents at the same level, so he was pushed into the next weight category. Magnus and Adam lost in their semi-final fights and both came away with bronze. It was Magnus’ first venture into a European tournament which tend to have a much higher calibre of entrants than UK competitions.

It was a great experience for everyone who attended and the group will be going again in January, with the hope of taking 10 members along! If you’re interested in finding out more, get in touch!

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