Sky Taekwondo Stars

The Sky Taekwondo team at MYGYM have been busy this summer! With two competitions only a few weeks’ apart back in July, everybody put in an awesome effort and staved away tiredness to perform at their absolute best on both occasions!

First up, there was the Welsh Open, where a whopping 5 Golds, 4 Silvers and 1 Bronze were won! Ibb, Tiana and Izzy all got gold medals (Tiana and Izzy x 2!)Dee, Nathan, Karmell and Caydan gained Silver medals, and Amber a bronze.

Ibb put in a brilliant performance and destroyed his opponents in the Veterans league. Dee missed out on gold by a near miss and despite an injury close to the time of her competition, was still able to win silver!

Our Ibb!

We also had some first-time competitors – Nathan, Karmell and Caydan, who all did exceptionally well. Nathan was also given the honorary title of ‘best performance in the competition’ by Ibb!


A huge thanks to Michael and Kieran for helping out, as well as to all the parents who came to support and assisted with the early morning driving!

5th place

The team truly went from strength to strength at the British International Open, winning 5th place as a team – comprising of the cadets, children, juniors and veterans! Because we went with a much smaller team than the other trophy winners, this award was extra-special!

With these amazing wins under their belts, Sky Taekwondo are preparing for a series of competitions coming up in the autumn now, with two comps in September, as well as the British National Championships in October.


There’s a real excitement in the air during training sessions now, with the team feeling confident and hopeful about their next opportunity to shine and a renewed dedication to doing their very best!

Watch this space to find out how everybody does in our next instalment during the autumn!


ALL the medals


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