South West Open Powerlifting Championships 2017 update – MyGym rocked!

The guys and gals who competed in the South West Open Powerlifting Championships this weekend absolutely rocked it!! H U A H!

It was a hectic day on Saturday and the competition over-ran for the women by more than 3 hours, but spirits weren’t dashed thanks to Lauren’s Maoam stash!

The Deadlift Divas from MyGym basically dominated the women’s competition and nine of our finest strong ladies competed!

Lauren Randall took home the trophy for the U57 class with an amazing 137.5kg deadlift as her grand finale and a combined total of 270kg – It was incredible to see, and as a result, Lauren will be competing in the Nationals later this year so watch this space! Never have I seen such determination!

Fenella Powell cut down to 51kg to compete in the U52’s and walked away with 5 junior records, coming second in her weight class with a total of 235kg! It was hair flippingly good!

Fenella and Lauren receiving their trophies

Fenella and Lauren smashed it!

Lauren's moment of glory

Lauren’s final 137.5kg deadlift

Big up to Grace Paxton who achieved a score of 210kg in the U57’s, Emma Shepherd in the U72’s with 317kg, Rebecca Coveney in the U84’s – 217.5kg, Ana Maria Rubio in the U57’s with 242.5kg, Alex Basing in the U63’s with 177.5kg, Sam Wise in the U72’s with 255kg, Hannah Ward with a score of 265kg in the U63 and me (Anona) – 255kg in the U72 category!

deadlift divas

The Deadlift Diva squad!

Well done to all you ladies for your awesome efforts, everyone smashed their previous PBs and came together to support one another – it was epic! Christie Civetta and Matt Watson made the day go smoothly and acted as an incredible force of positive energy to everyone lifting, so a huge thanks to them!

The MyGym men did phenomenally well, too. One more time, H U A H!

Henry Green came First in the junior 105’s and second in the 105’s overall, with a total of 647.5kg.

Henry and Kelynn

Henry and Kelynn

In Eddie Bristow’s first meet, he gained a combined total of 442.5kg after just 6 months of training! David Ward reached a 535 kg total in the 93 class. Nice one, Dave!

Eddie Lifting

Eddie in action

Basically, MyGym ruled! If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help you to become absolute mega beasts and beastesses, get in touch here!


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